At Explore Property we will help you secure and build your career. For financial rewards, freedom, support and training, recognition and personal satisfaction, join us and get the most out of your career, and your life.

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Why Work With Us?

We offer the 4 pillars of agent success.

Leadership & Value

If you want a great career, you need to work with a great leader and ensure the leadership has direction, strength and a will to assist you achieve your goals.

Training, Mentoring & Commitment

Ongoing exposure to new ways, improvement and strategy are critical to the career agent. You must work with a firm that has a commitment to deliver on this.

Brand & Support

A visually pleasing brand that promotes the agent is important. We see ourselves as a complement to the main brand, which is The Agent. The brand also needs excellent support behind the scenes.

Financial Agreement

We appreciate the hard work it takes to be a successful agent. Our agreements are rewarding and accommodate agents at all levels.

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