How To Make The Most of Selling in Winter

Most buyers have heard the term ‘spring selling season’. However, while Winter may not be the preferred time to sell in theory, there are many benefits to listing in the colder months.

In fact, while spring does take accolades as the most sought-after season, smart sellers know that all seasons can have opportunities to get the most for their homes.

There are two main ways to make the most of selling in winter.


Summer and spring open homes can allow some properties to seem airy and cheerful. In winter a beguiling effect can be created by designing an atmosphere of warmth that appeals to chilly open home attendees.

Homeowners should acknowledge any ‘weak spots’ in their home during winter. Specifically, any cold drafts, dampness, darkness or other unpleasant aspects that need a focus. You will need to work on making these less of an issue.

Make the home warm, inviting and cosy for the best effect. Consider the following techniques:
• Putting on any heating you have (you may want to rent outdoor heaters and even small indoor units if you don’t have any) and stoke a fire if you have one.
• Turn on all the lights and lamps for a warm glow.
• Opt for ‘warm’ scents, such as sandalwood (?)
• Heavy throws, thick blankets on the beds and small cosy touches like this will have people wanting to move right in.
• Use a dehumidifier to reduce dampness in the home.
• Provide a door mat and possibly an umbrella stand or coat stand for viewers to use.

Much of this atmosphere can also be re-created in listings photographs and a point can be made about any in-house heating and insulation in both the description and by the agent at the open home. When a buyer walks through the door, you want them to feel suddenly at ease.

Less competition

The second major benefit of selling in winter is that there is less competition, allowing your home to really shine as an option. There tends to be fewer properties on the market.

While sellers also not be out in as significant numbers as spring, there are usually buyers all year round – often those that are still buying in the colder months are heavily motivated and have missed out in spring.

This can allow you to put your advertising dollars to best use, quickly propelled higher on listings websites and making the most of lower levels of competition in print advertisements.