Buyer tips to help you through the process

Hi, it’s Andrew Acton, coming to you buyers with some tips that may help you through the process.

Now when you are a buyer one of the things you need to really understand pretty quickly is your finances.  What can you borrow?  What can you afford?  You are better off getting that done early so you are in a place to make a decision when you really need to.

Also, think about what’s most important to you.  Is it future growth?  Are you moving into this to make money in the future or is it more of a place that you intend to stay in for 10 years?  These are really important factors.

Location is important, it’s the oldest thing in real estate.  It’s one thing to have a nice big block of land on the outskirts of town, but how is that going to affect you in terms of driving into town?  It can really change your life dramatically.

Another thing I encourage buyers to do is to be prepared to change.  Sometimes during the journey, you will change your opinions on things, you’ll see something that really makes you question your initial thoughts about buying.  Be prepared to do that, you get one shot at this, make sure your process is about change.  Thinking about what’s important to us, that is normal if that does evolve throughout the process.

Also, don’t over think it.  It is so easy to analyse data in the modern age, you can go on and on and on and never make a decision in all the while you can miss the opportunities that were yours.  I’d say to you, find the right house and when you find it buy it.