Don't Get Hooked on Digital

There seems to be a lot of promoters out there talking about Facebook and digital marketing.  Basically, the most talk comes from those who have businesses in this field and they are essentially trying to get industry people to use their services.  From what I can see most of these people haven’t been real estate career agents and/or run an agency.

Yet they tell us how to operate.  I do believe things are changing and the digital space is something to know about and be involved with but I also firmly believe there will always be a need from the market for good solid agents.  Agents who can cut through the confusion and get the job done.

Be careful you don’t make digital your only way.  It really just comes down to how you treat people.  Face to face is where the great agents shine.  Our gift is communication.  My advice to agents is to concentrate on people to people interaction, that’s how you’ll be remembered, make an impression and be successful.

Right now agents are sought after and valued by sellers and buyers as they’ve ever been.  Don’t get caught up in the jargon.  The market wants us and needs us as people, all the digital marketing is just a tool like so much else.

Don’t rely on it, rely on yourself and your unique offering.  People to people is where the future is I believe.  I think as people the impersonal nature of the digital age is making us seek the people aspect even more.