When is the best time to sell or rent a property?

One of the questions real estate agents get asked frequently is when is the best time to sell or rent out your property?  Historically, the best months of the year are September, October, November, that last quarter leading into Christmas simply because of people transferring into communities.

My advice, however, is to sell or rent your property out when it suits you.  You might find the ideal house and have to move so you can’t wait for this certain time of year.  Sell when it suits you, there are buyers in the market at all stages.  When the timing is right for you, you tend to put more energy into the sale, you feel better about it, you’re prepared and you are doing it for a real cause.   So never think too much about timing, you’re the important factor.  The buyers will come, get some good advice from an agent and it will work out.

Andrew Acton – Explore Property

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