Five tips when preparing your home for sale

Giovanni Spinella, Director of Explore Property Kirwan discusses his five most important tips when selling your home.

Tip # 1

Walk around the home, if you feel the space is a bit tight or there are lots of things on the bookshelf start packing.  You are going to be moving anyway, so put those extra things in boxes, put them in the garage and get them out of sight – out of mind.

Tip # 2

Grab a screwdriver, walk around the home, check all the handles, the door stops, anything that is loose and needs repair.  Fix that up now because at the end of the day it gives the buyers less things to talk about when negotiating the price.

Tip # 3

The presentation is very important.  When it comes to people walking through your home, having clear directive areas where people can see the use of space is very important.  Having designated dining areas and lounge rooms so people can visualise how the home will work for them.

Tip # 4

Make sure the gardens and areas around the outside are always clean and tidy.  Mow the grass, give the grass a bit more water, clean the pool and make sure the shed is ready for any handyman to have a look through.

Tip # 5

Most importantly, make sure the home smells and looks fresh and clean.  Having a clean, presented home will always make buyers feel more welcome and feel more right at home, and that’s what we want, emotional buyers to fall in love with your house.

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